Sandra Fares Shares Her Journey on Normalizing and Promoting Thrift Shopping

A couple of years ago, dare a woman say that the piece of clothing she’s wearing is preowned or bought from a thrift shop, she would definitely be frowned upon. Recently, the idea has become more acceptable as some people have grown more aware of the negative impacts of fast fashion plus of course shopping budget that is on the rise.

For such an idea or a concept that is considered out of the norm or nontraditional, especially in certain social classes, someone had to come out and normalize the idea of ​​preowned clothes, speaking from personal experience, but most importantly this person should be someone a lot of other women from all social classes and ages can relate to.

With an undying urge to be an inspiration for a new change, Sandra Fares founded her Facebook group, ‘Tales of Shopping’ two and a half years ago. Through this group, Sandra has defined all misconceptions about preowned clothes and encourages women to shop smartly where they can buy trendy items in good condition and with way less money. Today this group has grown to become a shopping guide for 291K members where Sandra shares, smart shopping tips and where to shop for less. Moreover, and given how successful she has grown, Sandra also collaborates with renowned local and international brands where she brings giveaway competitions and special discounts to the group members.

Sandra is a multidisciplinary individual; with a major in mass communication and a minor in graphic design, Sandra has also studied digital marketing, jewelry design, and is a certified stylist. Constantly improving her skills and developing herself, Sandra was able to bring together everything she has learned into one thing that she loves the most, fashion.

Her journey wasn’t an easy one, especially for a woman her age emerging in a fierce industry of thrift shops and flea markets. She has faced several challenges and went through tough battles with those who monopolize the industry but despite everything she faced, the obstacles that blocked her way, and competitors’ attempts to have her social media platforms deactivated, she was able to grow and thrive.

‘When you try to bring forth something different or nontraditional, you either get copied or fought against. Anyone with a success story has earned it the hard way because the journey to reach success is never an easy one, in fact, it is a tough one full of hardships, rivalry, and people who hate to see you grow and will try to bring you down. But it takes a strong will, resilience, and determination to keep going and I never stopped fighting back for something I believed in and I didn’t allow those hardships to stand in my way.” says Sandra

Sandra aspires to create a shift in the mindset of women and to normalize shopping-related misconceptions that are usually unwelcomed in our society.

“I hope that one day women will be able to stop defining themselves based on what they wear or how expensively they spend on shopping. Our value as women is never about the things we wear or from where we shop.” Sandra Says

Wanting to know more about Sandra on a personal level, we asked her these questions:

Texting or calling?


Pizza and movie night or a party?

Being in my 30s, I now enjoy staying in home more.

Your favorite holiday destination

Wherever the sea is.

One thing you want to change about yourself

I wish I can be less stubborn and learn how to slow the pace down when needed.

And one thing you like the most about yourself

Being over-ambitious.

3 things you can’t live without

My daughter, my mother, and my work.

If you have a magic lamp that can grant you any wish, what would it be?

To see my girl growing up happy and becoming the best version of herself and also to see my work growing and expanding.

Your ultimate style Icon

Noha El Sherbini ‘Satisfashion’.

If you’ll star in a movie playing the role of a fashion designer, who would it be?

Elie Saab.

A piece of advice you’d give your younger self

Work on yourself as early as possible.

Finally, a favorite quote or a motto you live by

Fall seven times, stand up eight.

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