In the heart of Europe, where history meets contemporary flair, lies a shopping experience unlike any other. From the quaint boutiques nestled along cobblestone streets to the grandeur of iconic fashion capitals, the European shopping scene is a tapestry woven with threads of tradition, innovation, and an unparalleled sense of style. This article invites you on a retail odyssey, exploring the diverse and enchanting shopping destinations that define your European shopping destiny.

1. Paris, the Epitome of Elegance

Champs-Élysées: A Boulevard of Luxury

When it comes to European shopping, Paris stands as the epitome of elegance and sophistication. The Champs-Élysées, adorned with iconic landmarks and high-end boutiques, beckons fashion enthusiasts from around the globe. From flagship stores of luxury brands to charming French bistros, this boulevard is a harmonious blend of style and culture.

Le Marais: Bohemian Chic and Vintage Finds

For those seeking a more eclectic shopping experience, …

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It’s sweatshirt weather and to welcome the autumn season, as part of the ongoing collaboration between That’s Not My Age and Dandy Star, we have created two new, age-positive designs. The Golden Years slogan refers to making the most of midlife and beyond. Let’s switch the youth-obsessed narrative. We shouldn’t be written off, we have a lot to offer the world  – and, basically, we’re not dead yet! Ageing can be liberating, we learn to focus on the stuff that really matters and take pride in our wisdom and experience. And, now I’ve grown in the grey hair and can wear black again, the glamorous gold logo on a jet background (paired with my favourite party pants), is an absolute winner. I love it.

Rocking out, not rocking chair.



I often refer to myself as Old School, in terms of style, not attitude, and always see this as a positive.

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Je n’ai pas expliqué cette partie là dans cet article car je ne voulais pas d’amalgame et la responsabilité de ce bazar est UNIQUEMENT celle de Gargouillis (que mon archi m’avait d’ailleurs déconseillé, pour d’autres raisons beaucoup moins graves que ce qui m’est arrivé…!)
En vrai, je n’aurais probablement pas tenu le coup sans elle et sans son aide.
J’en parlerai dans de prochains articles, quand je pourrais parler de son talent et de sa gentillesse avec photos de l’appart à l’appui !
Mais en gros, pour répondre à ta première question, il faut remonter à tout début 2020 : Amélie a dessiné les plans, j’en étais ravie, mais je n’avais pas les moyens de m’offrir le package complet avec suivi de chantier.
Elle a gentiment proposé de faire quand même une ou deux visites en cours de chantier + d’être là à la livraison des travaux terminés.

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Coat by Erica Davies at John Lewis. Photos: Claire Pepper


Coats are a big-deal-buy and without doubt, the hardest-working pieces in your winter wardrobe. They have to weather the elements, stand up to everyday use and obviously, they need to keep you warm. As the most visible part of an outfit, your coat is on show all season, and beyond, which means that style is also a big consideration. How you look and feel, matters. The best kind of coat is one that adds a beautiful finishing touch and boosts your style confidence. Pulling on your outerwear should bring a smile to your face, not a shrug to the shoulders.

The issue, of course, is knowing where to start the search for something which ticks all the boxes. With so many options to choose from, I’ve picked out a few highlights from the high street to help you navigate the

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Keep it classic. Photo: Mango


There’s been an outbreak of revolutionary activity in South London, not quite up to the level of Citizen Smith’s anarchic, Tooting gang – but on my way to the post office this morning, I spotted two separate women wearing berets. These were the classic black, felted variety, one worn with big sunglasses, Gucci-style, the other with a brightly patterned scarf. Back home, a quick look online revealed a bevvy of decorative, embellished and crochet berets in playful colours.


Ganni’s crochet beret. Photo: Plumo

Milliner, Gil Fox first started noticing she was selling more berets during the pandemic ‘when people weren’t going anywhere’ but wanted to treat themselves or have something to look forward to in the post. ‘ I only started designing berets about five years ago but the style has become a best-seller, it’s such a universal shape.’ Some of her customers

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