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All U Need To Know About the Alta Moda and Casa Miami Takeover

Dolce & Gabbana is always looking for new ways to expand and collaborate with new creators. Their Alta Moda and casa Miami takeover is just another way that they are growing and developing. As the Miami art scene shifts, grows, and changes on its own, the brand  is becoming involved in its art scene and integrating itself into events so that they  can stand out on a new platform.



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The Significance of Miami

Miami is a lively city with a lot to express, not just a great place for retirees and vacation. Therefore, the Miami art scene is trying to find new ways to stand out artistically on a global scale. One way that they are working to accomplish this goal is by hosting more upscale art events within the city, especially during Miami Art Week.

One event taking place during Miami Art Week is Design

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21 Looks Styling All My Amazon Drop Pieces For Different Occasions

Most Comfortable Lingerie to Shop in 2022

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Shopping for comfortable lingerie can be such a personal experience. Only you know what exactly makes you feel sexy and works for your body type — and oftentimes, it doesn’t even have anything to do with what’s being displayed on the mannequin. There’s arguably no better feeling than finding that perfect silk night gown, comfy lingerie piece, or even lace underwear style that you can effortlessly slip into come nighttime (or really any time of day) — though even as shopping editors, we’ll admit that the task of actually finding those styles is far from easy, which is why we’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you.

From modest, comfortable bras to tastefully

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Wearable Art by Mike Grace

Fashion-on-demand and wearable art have become great trends for designer clothing. In this post, I want to introduce you to the Gare St. Lazare collections by Mike Grace. The men’s collection was added on especial demand. Read what I think about the collections.  



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Designer Fashion-on-Demand

Fashion-on-demand is a retail concept of producing a piece when it is ordered. This concept offers many benefits on various burners. Production on demand means that the

  • Manufacturer has no costs for warehouse and discarding overproduction, i.e., no item goes directly from production to the landfill without having been sold,
  • Customers receive their ordered garment directly from the producer without the costs of middlemen,
  • Emissions from transport are minimized because the attire makes no detours to a brick and mortar store,
  • Designers have the opportunity to bring their art on the market in an environmentally cautious way.
  • Due to these cost
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