Wear your age with pride with these NEW slogan sweatshirts — That’s Not My Age


It’s sweatshirt weather and to welcome the autumn season, as part of the ongoing collaboration between That’s Not My Age and Dandy Star, we have created two new, age-positive designs. The Golden Years slogan refers to making the most of midlife and beyond. Let’s switch the youth-obsessed narrative. We shouldn’t be written off, we have a lot to offer the world  – and, basically, we’re not dead yet! Ageing can be liberating, we learn to focus on the stuff that really matters and take pride in our wisdom and experience. And, now I’ve grown in the grey hair and can wear black again, the glamorous gold logo on a jet background (paired with my favourite party pants), is an absolute winner. I love it.

Rocking out, not rocking chair.



I often refer to myself as Old School, in terms of style, not attitude, and always see this as a positive. When you think of all the wonderful, timeless fashion created in the mid-20th century – from classic Chelsea boots to chic sunglasses, the fabulous tuxedo to faded jeans – these are eternally stylish items that will never date. This new sweatshirt design features varsity-style lettering on a beautiful grey background. As the Urban Dictionary definition of Old School says, ‘Anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect.’  And that includes you.




And we have two new VINTAGE colourways.  This slogan reflects our age, wisdom and standing in the world. Readers we are in our prime! The latest edition of the sweatshirt has bold, flock lettering, available in rose pink on a forest green background, and bottle green on classic navy. All sweatshirts are made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester and manufactured in Fair Trade factories.Sizes: S-XL.


The original & Wiser sweatshirt is still available.

We should be proud of our age and achievements. And I hope you’ll proudly wear one of these sweatshirts. (Available HERE)


The TNMA Edit is created in collaboration with small, independent designers, see the collection HERE. More items coming soon.

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