‘Meta Moina’ brings fashion and art in the Metaverse Age

Earlier today, an inauguration ceremony for Meta Moina, the first Bangladeshi high-fashion and art NFT digital space, was held at the Bistro E Club room in Dhaka. This is the first of its kind concept shop, that has been created by Bangladesh’s first Web 3.0 fashion label #1972nineteenseventytwo.

The platform was founded by Bangladeshi designer, art aficionado and entrepreneur, Niharika Momtaz, who is also the founder of #1972nineteenseventytwo. Using Niharika’s collection of ‘Phygital’ wearable sculptures, meta moina is redefining the fashion industry by optimizing products through a socially and environmentally engaged lens.

In the last 12 to 24 months, the fashion industry has been completely transformed. #1972nineteenseventytwo, the fashion label that embraces Web3.0 and NFTs looks to be a part of the next transformation of the digital world.

Meta Moina will represent international designers and NFT artists, including Bangladeshi artists Fareha Zeba, Md Harun-ar-Rashid, Habiba Nowrose, Mahmuda Siddique and Afroza Hossain.

Niharika said, “We will sell NFT’s in Dubai at different physical and digital exhibitions. As cryptocurrencies are not allowed in Bangladesh, Meta Moina will remit Bangladeshi NFT artists in USD. This will allow us to both strengthen our foreign exchange reserve, while also exporting Bangladeshi culture to the rest of the world.”

Fashion NFT and NFT arts will be available at metamoina.io from August 2022.

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