Wearable Art by Mike Grace

Fashion-on-demand and wearable art have become great trends for designer clothing. In this post, I want to introduce you to the Gare St. Lazare collections by Mike Grace. The men’s collection was added on especial demand. Read what I think about the collections.  



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Designer Fashion-on-Demand

Fashion-on-demand is a retail concept of producing a piece when it is ordered. This concept offers many benefits on various burners. Production on demand means that the

  • Manufacturer has no costs for warehouse and discarding overproduction, i.e., no item goes directly from production to the landfill without having been sold,
  • Customers receive their ordered garment directly from the producer without the costs of middlemen,
  • Emissions from transport are minimized because the attire makes no detours to a brick and mortar store,
  • Designers have the opportunity to bring their art on the market in an environmentally cautious way.
  • Due to these cost savings even Jane and John Doe can buy unique, effortlessly stylish designer pieces at affordable prices.



Art Inspired Timeless Travel Friendly Fashion

Mike Grace‘s women’s and men’s collections encompass 32 and 6 garments, respectively. The women’s collection offers multiple options for every body shape and any age with 16 pieces in all neutral colors and 16 pieces with a pop of red.


Gare St. Lazare and the Art

Gare Saint Lazare provides transportation to the Normandy. Like the other five railroad stations in Paris, it is a terminus station. Therefore, the stations look rather like Palais than the functional buildings for boarding and de-boarding of train passengers in the US.  In Europe, cities already existed when the railroad came, while in the US, towns came with the rail road.


Painting of Gare Saint Lazare by Claude Monet 1877
By Claude Monet 1877 – The Yorck Project (2002) 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei (DVD-ROM), distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH. ISBN: 3936122202. Public Domain


Since its construction, Gare Saint Lazare has inspired artists like Édouard Manet and Claude Monet because of its great architecture. No wonder that the iconic Paris train station inspired Mike Grace’s Gare St. Lazare collection of women’s wear and men’s wear.


photography art of Paris train station by Mike Grace
Some of Mike Grace’s art photography of Gare St. Lazare that inspired the prints of his clothing collections


Mike Grace‘s art prints feature various parts of the station’s roof that not only has served as rain protection, but had protected the city from the trains’ steam prior to electrification.



A Collection of Clean Classic Cuts with a Great Twist

The cuts are all eternal classics like sheaths, tunics, straight overalls, T-shirts, A-line below-the-knee skirts, jackets, wrap-dresses, modern Bohemian Style flare pants and kimonos. The leggings are more like cigar pants. Consequently, you can wear attire from this collection for years to come.  The art print is the twist and reason why the garments look modern and not old-fashioned or conservative.


back and front view of sheaths and A-line skirts of Gare St. Lazare women collection
Front and back view of sheaths and skirts of Gare St. Lazare women’s collection.


Can you match the attire to the art? Check the collection to see whether you were right.



The Material of the Fabrics

All garments are machine washable and  wrinkle-free, i.e. great for travelling! All fabrics are pre-shrunk. Therefore, you can put them in the dryer if time is too short for line drying.

The dresses are a 95% polyester, 5% spandex blend Premium ITY Knit or scuba knit for self and lining. The chiffon of capes and some sleeve styles is 100% Polyester. Pants and leggings consist of a 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex silky scuba knit blend.


dresses, shirts, palazzo pants and top of Mike Grace wearable art
Upper left to lower right: Long sleeve and cape dresses front and back, zipper top, palazzo pants, and T-shirt of Mike Grace’s wearable art



Ordering, Shipping, and Sizing

The Canadian producer ships anywhere in Canada and the United States. The Canadian manufacturer indicates that most orders placed by December 1st should be received by Christmas.

All garments come in sizes XS to XL. Because they produce on demand, you can’t change the selected size. Therefore, study the size chart carefully. However, if you see a defect, they will cover the expense of sending the defect item back.


front and back view of mens kimono and A-line dress in art inspired print
Front and back view of kimono from the men’s collection (also available for women), and reversible A-line dress


Prices range between $69 for a knotted tank top and $174.90 for palazzo pants, which is relatively low for unique designer clothes.


Stylist tip: The manufacturer has a Black Friday Special which I just heard about. The code for 20% off is EARLY20.


Browse the Gare St. Lazare collection now and impress your colleagues, friend and family at the next holiday party with your unique designer dress.



About the Designer

Mike Grace is an artist, photographer, author, and world traveler. His paintings and photographs have appeared in numerous Southern California exhibitions.


Photos used for collages with permission by M. Grace (photographer)

Collages: N. Mölders

© 2013-2022 Nicole Mölders | All rights reserved

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