Best Ways to Accessorize a Loose Knit Dress

Accessorizing a loose knit dress requires some thoughts because the loops can easily catch jewelry, watch bands, and even certain belts. Such incidences can ruin both your dress and/or accessories. Furthermore, the casual, cozy, comfortable vibe of the dress fails to pair well with many accessories. Read what works and what doesn’t.  



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Why to Accessorize a Loose Knit Dress?

Loosely knitted jumpers typically are shapeless. We associate them with cozy, comfortable, casual, carefree and relaxed times with family and friends. The casual vibe of the jumper permits pairing it with leggings, wool socks, flat shoes/sneakers or lace-up booties. However, on most women, this combination can easily look trashy, frumpy, or not trying at all without accessorizing.



flyer for accessorizing a loose knit dress showing a woman in jumper with knotted cardigan



Which Kind of Jewelry Goes with a Loose Knit Dress?

Look for pieces that bear no risk to be caught in the fabric. Here a list of jewelry types that look stylish and sophisticated with a loose sweater dress.


woman accessorizing a loose knit dress with cabochon necklace and belt
Gipsy maxi leather coat, Hipstik tights, Nine West booties, Gucci bag, Rebecca Collins gemstone necklace, push pin belt, Nordgreen watch (use code HLSTYLE for 15% off), headband, and Hermes collier de chien bangle.



What Types of Belts Look Great with a Relaxed Knit Dress?

To not look frumpy, use a belt for shape. Always pick a belt that is best for your body type. Take a look at the belt buckle and the belt’s embellishment. Choose belts with a push-button closure,  buckle-free styles like a D-ring belt, or track-belt. Belts with knot closure like a sash, or obi belt are fine too. More on accessorizing with belts.


relaxed jumper with caved gemstone necklace contemporary push button belt Nordgreen watch
DIY push button belt, caved gemstone animals necklace, Hermes collier de chain cuff, Unika watch c/o Nordgreen, Söfft booties, Hipstik tights, jumper c/o Shop Cozy.



Which Accessories to Try

Try a scarf as belt, wear it instead of a necklace, or wear a braided scarf as necklace.

Knot a tight-knit cardigan around your neck when the jumper has a V- or crew neck. Knot a  single jersey cardigan at your waist for shape.


stylist in rib knit dress with scarf and belt
Dress c/o Shop Cozy, Nine West booties, Vittari jacket (DIY shortened), Kieselstein Cord belt, ruby buckle, GNW tights, Uno Alla Volta scarf, Hermes collier de chien,  Harbor bag c/o Latico (use code NICOLE07510 for 15% off).



Accessories to Avoid When Wearing Loose Knit

Here a brief, i.e. not complete, list of accessories not to wear with loosely knitted garments.

  • Jewelry with thongs.
  • Western Style belts.
  • Dress  or thin belts.
  • Chains.
  • Whimsical jewelry.
  • Charms.
  • Bracelets.
  • Watches or gadgets with buckle wrist bands
  • Bangles with closure.
  • Long earrings or shoulder dusters (Risk to tear your ear lob).
  • Brooches.



Accessorizing a Loose Knit Dress in a Nutshell

Avoid everything that could get caught in the loops to look sophisticated and stylish. Go for classic beaded necklaces to match the casual bold style of the loops. Create shape to not look frumpy. More on how to wear knit dresses.


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