6 Tips to Save on Monthly Shopping the Right Way

Managing money to shopping monthly is not easy. Therefore, apart from being careful, you also need to follow smart steps so that all your expenses become more efficient. Some of the following monthly spending saving tips you can copy and apply so that your financial condition stays healthy!

1. Write Down All Grocery Lists

The first thing you should do before going shopping is write down a list of all the things you need to buy. The goal is clear, this will really help you to hold back buying unnecessary items.

We often go crazy when we arrive at the supermarket, especially when we see various promos and discounted prices. Even though it seems cheap, in fact the existing promos can actually encourage you to buy things that you don’t really need.

Try to write down a shopping list of the most important items first, such as groceries, instant food, and so on. After that, you can record supporting needs such as vitamins, masks, and hand sanitizers. For other items outside the notes, you can buy them another time.

2. Determine the Shopping Budget

Measure your financial ability according to monthly income. After that, you need to divide it into several spending items, including routine monthly spending. Know exactly how much nominal money you allocate for basic monthly shopping, snacks, and holidays.
The purpose of this budgeting is so that you can focus and know the limit of money that can be spent. That way, you will not be easily tempted to buy other things that are not needed.

3. Control the Use of Credit Cards and Paylaters

Make it a habit to avoid using credit cards and pay later for expenses that are not too urgent, such as monthly shopping. That way, later you will only buy goods according to the amount of money you have and will not burden your financial condition in the following month.

4. Take advantage of the various promos offered

Not only limited to supermarkets and offline stores, you can also hunt for attractive promos at e-commerce which routinely hold shopping events every month. There’s no need to rush, check each platform one by one to find the best price for the item you need.

5. Shopping for groceries at traditional markets

You don’t have to always shop at well-known supermarkets, the next monthly shopping saving tip that you can do is to buy groceries at traditional markets. Because it is not taxed and has various brands attached, food ingredients in traditional markets are much cheaper than what you can find in supermarkets.

6. Separate Shopping for Needs and Desires

The key to frugal monthly spending tips is actually not that difficult. If you can be disciplined and know which items you need and want, then your spending will be more efficient. Make it a habit to orderly shop according to the list you made before leaving. No need to linger, you can also go straight home if all the groceries have been obtained.

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