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Jewelers Court the Superrich – The New York Times

PARIS — After a year of exceptional growth at Chanel, the company’s global chief financial officer, Philippe Blondiaux, said in a recent interview with a news site, the Business of Fashion, that Chanel would open an unspecified number of exclusive VIP stores in Asia next year to supplement its existing global network of 250 boutiques.

Some have questioned, in a year of price increases and buying quotas on accessories, how the brand would carry out this plan, how much one would have to spend to qualify as a VIP, and even who would be rich enough to shop at Chanel.

“What does that mean in terms of quality, availability, customer service if they have boutiques only available for super-special, elite, VIP clients?” the London-based influencer Romina Rose May asked in a recent YouTube post.

Still, the news is a sure sign of the luxury industry’s swift recovery after pandemic

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Sandra Fares Shares Her Journey on Normalizing and Promoting Thrift Shopping

A couple of years ago, dare a woman say that the piece of clothing she’s wearing is preowned or bought from a thrift shop, she would definitely be frowned upon. Recently, the idea has become more acceptable as some people have grown more aware of the negative impacts of fast fashion plus of course shopping budget that is on the rise.

For such an idea or a concept that is considered out of the norm or nontraditional, especially in certain social classes, someone had to come out and normalize the idea of ​​preowned clothes, speaking from personal experience, but most importantly this person should be someone a lot of other women from all social classes and ages can relate to.

With an undying urge to be an inspiration for a new change, Sandra Fares founded her Facebook group, ‘Tales of Shopping’ two and a half years ago. Through

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GFashion emerges on the new horizon of style statement

The emergence of GFashion came to the forefront due to the founders’ foresight, farsightedness, vision, and intense fashion sense. Such visionary appeal paved the way for this new dawn, which led to the emergence of GFashion into one of the leading international fashion design houses. Founded in Lexington Avenue, NY, USA, it has already become a symbol of luxury worldwide. With the acclaimed designers and world-class artisans on its roster, it has reportedly made its mark as the leading garment and jewelry outlet which caters to the world audience.

The style statement of this brand has already steered it into the 21stcentury market leader with much elan and grace today for its market monopoly. It has undoubtedly helped in establishing its position in contemporary culture today that keeps the brand into a frontrunner.

GFashion is reported to have reinvented a wholly modern approach to fashion, thus redefining the fashion and

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Central African Republic fashion designer opens operations in Kigali | The New Times

OLGA NGANZI SAMBA-PANZA, a renowned fashion designer in the Central African Republic, last weekend opened her fashion house ‘O’poma Designs’ in Kigali.

‘O’poma’ has been operating over the past 20 years and Nganzi, the fashion house founder, felt Rwanda would be her next market when she discovered that her fashion products meet Rwandans’ taste in designs.

“O’Poma has existed for years and I want to see it growing beyond the borders,” Nganzi told The New Times in an interview.

The name of her fashion house, O’Poma, is inspired by the names of the designer herself, her husband, their daughter and her mother.

Some of the designs on display at ‘O’Pama Designs.’

“The ‘O’ stands for me, Olga, and my husband Odilan. Poma is the name of my mother and my lastborn daughter. That’s how I came up with O’Poma,” she explained.

At ‘O’ Poma’, fashion enthusiasts are taken through to

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‘Vegan Leather’: How Fashion Giants Recast Plastic as Good for the Planet

The index rates polyester as one of the world’s most sustainable fabrics, for example, using data on European polyester production provided by a plastics-industry group, although most of the world’s polyester is made in Asia, usually using a dirtier energy grid and under less stringent environmental rules. The Higg rating for elastane, also known as Lycra or spandex, draws on a study by what was at the time the world’s largest elastane producer, Invista, a subsidiary of the conglomerate Koch Industries. (Invista sold its Lycra business in 2019.)

The Higg Index itself was born a decade or so ago amid a rising emphasis among consumers on sustainability, environmental and animal-welfare concerns. It coincided with advances in synthetic-based fabrics that were not only inexpensive but had new features that buyers craved, such as improved elasticity or improvements in the ability to wick away perspiration.

Many of the garment brands that sit

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